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Olga Sabadin
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Everything that you dreamed of can be brought to life exactly at the moment when you decide to win.
In The Structure of The Universe
A series of these four works uses the suprematist contrast of a square "steady" and a round "free" form. The author expresses the dynamics of development not as a traditional sequence in time, when paintings are displayed in gallery in row or made like a diptych or triptych. The dynamics of development here is like a cycle, some kind of swastika of the Big Dipper: when the end is the beginning of a new. The life cycle is artist's traditional basic idea at this stage of the creative ascent, belief in life and enjoying the harmony of life development and her own artistic search.
The central figure of the work - is the author I, some personal impression of a human as a phenomenon and his role. Dark outside, filling a square shape, it is emptiness, allowability of everything, every world, the infinity of the universe, any place in which human energy exists independently, like plasma inside a thermonuclear reactor. "Thing-in-itself" is an ancient concept from the philosophy of Plato and Kant, something that exists outside the subjective view of the viewer, interacts with anything - without changing its essence.
The birth of essense happens in the ocean or cloud of information, hesitantly concentrates in a completely random sequence of occasions. At first the external environment is more active, internal communications childishly tender, their energy is rather timid cool light, warmed by mentoring the outside world. But fast enough that each of us gets stronger and starts to himself warm surrounding space, sprayed here and there, and scatters itself loses some fragments on the fate of orbits. It takes time until our light becomes almost like a crystal: a shrill, confident, bold, bright - as the light of a lighthouse in the night. This already strong energy should be protected, it will inevitably exhausted ... To re-engender new, and the least of ideas to awaken a new light river.
Each project is a part of my soul
In The Structure of The Universe 140-140 cm, oil painting, canvas, 2021
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