Ukrainian Artist
Olga Sabadin
Ukrainian Artist
Olga Sabadin
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My name is Olga Sabadin, and I am 30 years old. I grew up among the steppe herbs and flowers, cherry and apricot orchards, where I used to wake up with the birds singing and fall asleep under the great moon in my window. I love nature and harmony, all the richness of the World's colors, its simultaneous brightness and peace. It all inspires my creativity.
I am following the school of Ukrainian expressionism, an excellent student of the monumental art faculty, the basis of my painting is the skill of stained glass and mosaics. My compositional ideas and ornaments go deep into the Slavic, Scythian, and Trypillia cultures. I closely follow contemporary authors, and in the spirit of the Ukrainian avant-garde, I continue my creative search in my appeal to the people - to love and enjoy life!

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2022 March Mural NEVER AGAIN? Berlin, Germany
The poignant piece, on the west side of the Oberbaum Bridge that links Kreuzberg to Friedrichshain, depicts a young girl looking over her shoulder as she flees from the east to the west. The left side of the mural alludes to the abrupt construction of the Berlin Wall. Looking back over her shoulder, she is carrying only her most precious things like her cat and the goldfish in a plastic bag.
The right panel shows in a rather abstract style the horrors of the war like a bomb hitting a house, a hand pushing a Russian warship back east. Below the Kremlin is drowning in blue blood.
The piece presents the public with the question: "Never again?" forcing the viewer to ponder the dark reality of the repetition of war, conflict and history.
This project was created with 3 Ukrainian artists Olga Sabadin, Ann Stativa, Marina Sorokina-artist name Somari and one Belarusian artist Valeryia Losikava-artist name Fabifa she was curator of this project.
Exhibition The Song of Universe, Attisholz-Areal, Riedholz, Switzerland 2022, Neon Art
My current series 'Flourishing Country' began as a story about my native land - Donbass region and Ukraine. The previously prosperous economic region was in decline, 8 years ago war came there. In my artworks I dream about beautiful land. Paintings are like meditation, the search for a new Self, the creation of a happy Planet of the Little Prince.
Thinking about homeland has grown into a story about a Girl, about a pure Child inside us, curious and exciting, who dreams of knowing and feeling, wants to love and be loved. Each of my paintings is a shade of mood, a melody of thoughts and fantasies, the Moon as a symbol of a girl's soul.
A blooming garden is an ancient philosophical story. Where is it located, what is its essence, what is its beauty? My art depicts the garden of Eden within us and wishes for the garden to bloom in every person across the planet. The challenges of today's dynamic society saturate the culture with sadness, tragedy and drama. I want to pay attention to the path of Light, Goodness and Love, Nature, Harmony, Dreams.

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