Wreath Of Love

d-60 cm, canvas, oil painting,
Olga Sabadin-Ukrainian artist
A wreath is a traditional Ukrainian headdress. There are different types of wreaths: a wedding wreath, a wreath of love, a prayer wreath, a wreath of hope, a wreath separation. Poppy - is the flower of dreams, but also a symbol of fertility, beauty and youth; daisy is a symbol of love, tenderness and loyalty; sunflower - devotion and loyalty; a cornflower in a wreath is a symbol of humanity; rose, malva and peony are symbols of faith, hope, love; mint is a talisman of a child and its health. Lily - girlish charms, purity, virginity. Cherry blossom and apple tree - maternal devotion and love; Viburnum is beauty of girl.

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