A Date

30-40 cm, canvas, oil painting,
Olga Sabadin-Ukrainian artist
Lovers, at the moment when they are close to each other, are like flowers bathing in the sun's rays. A moment seems like an endless eternity, time stops and only the flow of happiness remains.
The work will decorate a home full of love or dreams about it, or maybe your memories of the wonderful times of life.
This work is from the series about the lily flower, which does not need thorns - because its essence is tenderness. Also, I use bubbles as a metaphor for the lightness of the environment, childlike mood, summer, fun vibe.

If you want to get my painting in a different size, please contact me for the custom order. I am sure that we will find the best solution to find the best option for you!
Contact me by email: olgasabadin72@gmail.com or olgasabadin@ukr.net

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